Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mommy "hearts" you

Have you ever been walking the aisles of a store,
and then your little one sees out of the corner of their eye
the rows and rows of Valentine's cards?

Dora The Explorer, My Little Pony, Transformers,
Spiderman, Princesses, Spongebob Square pants.
The decision, the decisions.
Purchase made - now the attention to writing these little cards,
pencil in hand, one, two, three, maybe four are done.
Then the attention starts to fade - 
just a few more, just a few more you start to say.

As I sit and complete the task at hand
I ask myself, 
what could be more fun?
An after school playdate to get the job done!

Cookies and milk,
yummy treats to share.
An afternoon to write thankyou's for friendship and care.
Glitter and cardstock, stickers galore,
homemade creations to be treasured 
and memories that will last for ever more.

Happy Heart Day planning

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  1. WOW beautiful pictures, beautiful settings, I had no idea Valentine's Day could be so elegant!
    - Love Anita, Rick, Anjali, and Rian