Sunday, 26 February 2012

Love Story

If you've ever been to a Bridal show,
or any trade show for that matter -
it can be a very overwhelming experience.

Booths, samples, promotions,
sign-up here, enter this draw,
take this brochure,
and as you turn the corner,
yes - there's more!

This week Simply Sienna teamed up with Cakealicious by Reem
at The Exclusive bridal show held at The Venetian Banquet Hall in Vaughan.
A smaller show - I had a great time meeting all the newly engaged brides to be
and had the privledge of connecting with some great vendors from the wedding industry.
(Excited to share some images taken by BoyGirl Photography)

Thursday, 16 February 2012


its all around us
pretty hues of red, green, orange, yellow and blue.
Yet when it comes to wardrobe selection
I have a tendency to stick to the neutrals,
black, beige, browns.
Interesting - all the letter b.
Boring maybe?
Another b.

I don't dislike colour,
but in my home surroundings I find it serene and calming.
It also allows me to exercise my ability to change decor,
mix up the mood
express my feelings during certain seasons.
Definitely not.

When hosting this past weekend,
a small dinner for friends,
I had to make a choice.
The inspiration was black, white and pink.
Little black dress?
Perfect for a simple classic look.
Absolutely not.
Predictable -
Here I would agree.

To defy predictable I chose pink.
What do you think?


Sources: Dress - BCBG
                 Make-up - Sahar Mitety-Braz Makeup artistry

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Baby Baby

Late nights, early mornings,
diapers, feedings, bathings,
smiling, crying,
screaming, dreaming,
hugging, loving
Life that will forever be changed.

Being a mommy myself,
there is no feeling that can be compared to the love, fear, hopes, dreams
you have for your child.

If you've visited Simply Sienna on facebook recently
you may have caught a glimpse of the latest styling project-
Hello Baby.
This was also featured on Catch my Party!

Monday, 13 February 2012


I'm definately not a math star,
despite a science background
and having a business orientated career for the last 10 years,
ask me about numbers
(especially if it concerns a personal budget of some kind for my shopping muses) 
and well lets say-
maybe I choose to forget my arithmatic!

This can often frustrate the one closest to me
(husband that is)
and although I work with budgets daily
when posed the question about my own
especially when it involves a purse, a new dress or a gathering of friends
I simply answer-
The budget is what it costs!
but a girls allowed to dream - isn't she?)

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Bright lights,
buzzing streets,
different aromas, (ok not all great!)
soaring buildings,
people coming, people going,
I love downtown.
Yes- I live in my suburban home,
in our warm community
I'm a city girl at heart.

London - love it or loathe it
is my favourite city in the world.
Am I a little bias
I grew up learning to walk in its streets,
playing in its parks,
eating the fusion of food it offers
(You have no idea how much I miss the Marks & Spencer's food hall)
and the shopping.
The shopping - where do I begin,
from being mesmerised by the beautiful soaring window displays
as a little girl- (those Londoners know how to dress a window).
Harrods to Harvey Nick's each one a theatrical experience in itself.
To the joy of a underground ride with my pounds in my pocket that I had earned
working my part-time jobs through school to buy that stylish find.

Oxford Street London
Harrods window display
Life often takes us down paths we never imagined walking
and now my life is here
and My City is

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Good-bye wallpaper

Don't get me wrong,
I am not opposed to wallpaper.
There are some beautiful designers
that create exceptional images and patterns to adorn our walls with.
One of my favourites is Candice Olson,
her wallpaper is stunning and can be sourced through York Wallcoverings
Candice uses this one in her office.

However, the wallpaper in the master bath of our home
unfortunately did not have the same appeal.
It may have in another era,
and although I knew a complete bathroom overhaul
was not in the budget - (we had a house to hardwood, popcorn ceilings to remove, pot lights to go up,
a basement to finish, rooms to furnish and style and YES the styling was happening no matter what!)
this wallpaper of ours had to go.

To keep or not to keep was not a question,
nor was anyone winning the argument on the removal
of the wall to wall mirrors.
Yes- I understand I was removing a mirror to put up a mirror
but you understand - don't you?
The mirrors had to go too.