Thursday, 16 February 2012


its all around us
pretty hues of red, green, orange, yellow and blue.
Yet when it comes to wardrobe selection
I have a tendency to stick to the neutrals,
black, beige, browns.
Interesting - all the letter b.
Boring maybe?
Another b.

I don't dislike colour,
but in my home surroundings I find it serene and calming.
It also allows me to exercise my ability to change decor,
mix up the mood
express my feelings during certain seasons.
Definitely not.

When hosting this past weekend,
a small dinner for friends,
I had to make a choice.
The inspiration was black, white and pink.
Little black dress?
Perfect for a simple classic look.
Absolutely not.
Predictable -
Here I would agree.

To defy predictable I chose pink.
What do you think?


Sources: Dress - BCBG
                 Make-up - Sahar Mitety-Braz Makeup artistry

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  1. That lipstick colour looks great on you!Dress too.