Monday, 31 December 2012


A year of living, loving, dreaming
Each day we wake up and we "do" things.
Whether we realise what we are doing or not
in so many ways what we do
affects others,
maybe affects you?

Brush your teeth and turn off the running water
we together conserve clean water supply for the world we share.
Throw a can in a recycling bin
together we help reuse, reduce, recycle waste
helping make our world more sustainable.
Walking down the street, and looking someone in the eye and saying
"good morning"
Verbal words often lost in our electronic days.

As I reflect on the year that is ending
it is hard to believe all that I were doing.
What started as a New Years dream,
some words on a computer screen
Simply Sienna begun.

I have had the opportunity to "do" things
before I only imagined.
To meet people I never knew
but now am happier for knowing. 
Pictures on a facebook page are a memory of what was done,
but I have a heart filled with thanks and gratitude
for all the doing.

New Year.
I just want to keep on living,
this miracle we call

How about you?

Happy New Year!
With love

Credits : Hair and make-up
                   Sahar Mitety Braz - Make-up Artistry

Monday, 3 September 2012

Black & White

I celebrated 12 years of marriage
on September 1st,
with a trip to Niagara on the Lake.

Twelve years of good times,
a few sad
many many more happy.
Twelve years of loving, living
and the odd time fighting!

I am blessed with the life I live,
the angels I share it with
and on days like this
I'm reminded how life is not always
Black & White.
True love is compromise
and all the colours in between.




Credits: Sunglasses                  
                 Bracelet Stella & Dot
                 Dress Bananna republic
                 Necklace Winners    

Friday, 31 August 2012

Long weekend

Where did the time go?
Long weekend is here already.
Back to school.
Back to work.
Well I work all summer,
but when the sun is shining,
people are smiling.
And traffic,
Yes there will be lots of traffic.

But for today,
I am thankful.
I look forward to a long weekend
to celebrate the summer that just was,
and the fall that is about to begin.

May all your days be bright and happy


Credits: Dress - J Crew     
                Sweater - Joe fresh
                Necklace- Winners
                Purse - Louis Vuitton


Monday, 16 July 2012

Bad hair day

Bad hair day.
I hope you know what I mean.
I think as women we've all had one of these (or more than a few in my case!)
With the humidity recently in Toronto,
styling my hair sometimes becomes a hopeless task.
Today felt like one of those days.
Usually I just want to stay inside,
hair in ponytail and work away at my list of  to-do's.
Today however, sun shining,
mid July (already!)
I decided the to-do's would still be there tomorrow,
and the next day
and the next day.

Hair in pony tail I jumped in the car
to discover a little part of Ontario.
Stopping in Cambridge
I discovered Southworks (a cool building full of antiques and vintage gems)
then strolled along the water
and finally stopped in the shade for some quiet reading.
(Have you read what I'm reading?!)
Bad hair day.
But nothing a good book couldn't fix:)

Credits : Location - Cambridge, Ontario
                  Blouse - J Crew
                  Necklace- Winners
                  Watch-Michael Kors
                  Purse - Indigo

Monday, 9 July 2012

Behind the scenes

Wow, its been a while.
I cannot even explain where the time has gone.
Minutes turn to hours,
hours turn to days, 
days to months,
and now 3 months sine my last entry I try to recall what has kept me away.

Simply Sienna has already taken me on a journey 
6 months ago even I could not have imagined
(And imagine I can!).
The various stylings have satisfied me on so many levels.
The desire to imagine, 
the want to create,
to craft,
fulfil another's dream,
and my LOVE to shop!
And shop I can.

Today under the suns warm rays 
I enjoyed a walk in a place where you do not know what you may find.
The anticipation,
the hunt for that perfect...
exactly - it will be perfect but...
but...what exactly it will be remains unknown until its found.
A rare behind the scenes look into this imagination of mine,
and sneak peaks of the treasures found.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Of things Past

Sunday brunch,
a ritual treasured in days of the past.
A day of rest,
In our world of 24-7,
Sunday is often the new Monday.
Friday, Saturday and so on.

Between the desire to work,
well - the blackberry keeps beeping.
Children needing,
take them here, take them there.
And the never ending list of to do's.

Sunday brunch,
seems often a distant memory,
of things past.

This Easter Sunday,
a day of rest to celebrate,
the world did not stop.
But we did.
A day of rest,
family, prayer and 
I re-learnt what I always knew;
tomorrow the sun will rise again
and what was not completed today will be waiting.
Brunch will no longer be a distant memory,
let the weekly celebration of life begin!


Credits: Jewellery - Banana Republic
               Dress - limited edition Mad Men collection Banana Republic
               Purse - Vintage Coach

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Purple Passion

a symbol of royalty, nobility and spirituality.
Hot red and the coolness of blue combined.
In nature it has a special place.
Lavendar, orchid, lilac and violet 
flowers considered delicate and sacred.

It stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication.
The colour of passion, romance and sensitivity.

A favourite with creative people.
Whether wearing it, living in it,
creating with it,
purple is a colour for the adventurous heart with spiritual leanings
and a flair for drama. (Sounds familiar!)
This is a heart that knows the magic of purple.

Purple passion,
this is for you.

Credits:  Design, styling and candy buffet by Simply Sienna
                  Custom canopy and props from Simply Sienna
                  Cupcakes -