Monday, 9 July 2012

Behind the scenes

Wow, its been a while.
I cannot even explain where the time has gone.
Minutes turn to hours,
hours turn to days, 
days to months,
and now 3 months sine my last entry I try to recall what has kept me away.

Simply Sienna has already taken me on a journey 
6 months ago even I could not have imagined
(And imagine I can!).
The various stylings have satisfied me on so many levels.
The desire to imagine, 
the want to create,
to craft,
fulfil another's dream,
and my LOVE to shop!
And shop I can.

Today under the suns warm rays 
I enjoyed a walk in a place where you do not know what you may find.
The anticipation,
the hunt for that perfect...
exactly - it will be perfect but...
but...what exactly it will be remains unknown until its found.
A rare behind the scenes look into this imagination of mine,
and sneak peaks of the treasures found.

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