Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Of things Past

Sunday brunch,
a ritual treasured in days of the past.
A day of rest,
In our world of 24-7,
Sunday is often the new Monday.
Friday, Saturday and so on.

Between the desire to work,
well - the blackberry keeps beeping.
Children needing,
take them here, take them there.
And the never ending list of to do's.

Sunday brunch,
seems often a distant memory,
of things past.

This Easter Sunday,
a day of rest to celebrate,
the world did not stop.
But we did.
A day of rest,
family, prayer and 
I re-learnt what I always knew;
tomorrow the sun will rise again
and what was not completed today will be waiting.
Brunch will no longer be a distant memory,
let the weekly celebration of life begin!


Credits: Jewellery - Banana Republic
               Dress - limited edition Mad Men collection Banana Republic
               Purse - Vintage Coach


  1. Love it! So well said! It's great to meet you!

    1. Thanks Parisapartment. Nice to e-meet you too:) Some new posts coming soon!