Sunday, 25 March 2012

Purple Passion

a symbol of royalty, nobility and spirituality.
Hot red and the coolness of blue combined.
In nature it has a special place.
Lavendar, orchid, lilac and violet 
flowers considered delicate and sacred.

It stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication.
The colour of passion, romance and sensitivity.

A favourite with creative people.
Whether wearing it, living in it,
creating with it,
purple is a colour for the adventurous heart with spiritual leanings
and a flair for drama. (Sounds familiar!)
This is a heart that knows the magic of purple.

Purple passion,
this is for you.

Credits:  Design, styling and candy buffet by Simply Sienna
                  Custom canopy and props from Simply Sienna
                  Cupcakes -

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  1. More brides should consider purple or lilac or lavender as their accent color. It can be so lovely, as your post shows!