Sunday, 12 May 2013 it really here?

Waiting for the sunshine,
for the flowers to start growing,
for patio weather
and maxi dress days.

Spring also means the start of some 
of my favourite antique markets.
Despite the cool temperature
and just a little sprinkling of rain
I had a amazing pre mothers day shopping.

Although I love strolling the mall,
dreaming on Bloor
and surfing the internet for finds from far away places
Nothing is more fun than finding a hidden gem.
memories of days gone by,
real vintage,
valuables to treasure for years to come.

I love it.
Sun - 
come out next time.
Maxi dress, flip flop couture and hair in a bun. (next time!)
Rainboots, jeans, sweater and scarf were in order for this weekends fun. 


Credits:     Sweater - Tory Burch       
                   Jeans- Gap                         
                   Shirt- Banana Republic    
                   Bauble necklace - J Crew 
                   Tippi sweater- J Crew     
                   Rhea bangles- Stella and Dot
                   Hermes orange bangle               Hermes
                   Bag -Chloe Marcia                      Chloe         

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Step back in time

A weekend stay at the historic
King Edward hotel in Toronto.

Coming from London, England
A country built on history
beautiful buildings,
little streets which lead
to well
places undiscovered.
Navigating through Toronto
always felt a lifetime away
from my hometown days.

That is until I stepped through the doors of The king Edward.
Draped in history,
soaring ceilings
architectural detail
a feeling of a world gone by.
Serving afternoon tea
with no breaks from tradition.
A ballroom fit for a regal affair.
A step back in time
that created memories
fit for the future.