Thursday, 9 February 2012


Bright lights,
buzzing streets,
different aromas, (ok not all great!)
soaring buildings,
people coming, people going,
I love downtown.
Yes- I live in my suburban home,
in our warm community
I'm a city girl at heart.

London - love it or loathe it
is my favourite city in the world.
Am I a little bias
I grew up learning to walk in its streets,
playing in its parks,
eating the fusion of food it offers
(You have no idea how much I miss the Marks & Spencer's food hall)
and the shopping.
The shopping - where do I begin,
from being mesmerised by the beautiful soaring window displays
as a little girl- (those Londoners know how to dress a window).
Harrods to Harvey Nick's each one a theatrical experience in itself.
To the joy of a underground ride with my pounds in my pocket that I had earned
working my part-time jobs through school to buy that stylish find.

Oxford Street London
Harrods window display
Life often takes us down paths we never imagined walking
and now my life is here
and My City is

Vegetable salad
One of the best spaghetti's I've had
Sources: Coat- Zara
               Bag - Burberry
               Boots - Nine west
               Gold bracelet - Winners
               Watch - Michael kors
               Dinner - Scarpetta at Thomson Hotel Toronto

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