Friday, 6 January 2012


2012 is a special year for a company that exemplifies "timeless"
Figured it out?

Tiffany & Co.
Designs coveted across generations and continents,
a simple blue box that says a thousand words,
a white perfectly tied bow that makes you smile before even pulling it apart.

Year by year I hope to add to my own small personal collection,
one I dream of passing down to the little girls in my little world.
A girl who's father cringes as his 7 year old says as we walk by the store "Daddy look, Tiffany!"
and who already has her wish list for the next 20 yeas compiled.
One could argue what materialistic values am I sharing with them,
but who can see fault in admiring and aspiring for elegance at its best and in its purest form of design.
No-one questions the worlds admiration for The Mona Lisa
and who would not dream of having one of Leonardo Davinci's masterpieces to call their own.

When I think of love,
I think of forever.
When I think of Tiffany,
I think of love.

Let the little blue box inspire you,
Simply Sienna can bring a little bit of timeless into your world too.
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  1. Wow. So elegant! I love the paper straws and the way everything is coordinated so well. Great job, ladies!!

    1. Thanks Joy - so kind of you. See more at