Saturday, 28 January 2012

Beyond borders

What are your thoughts?

For a girl whose first move from her childhood home
was across the ocean from England to Canada,
moving again seemed a daunting task.

Watching friends move every two to three years 
amazed me.
The thought of uprooting, packing, unpacking,
leaving behind walls where in between memories lay.

Surprising feelings for a girl whom loves change.
Painting a room was like trying a new hair colour.
Moving furniture, rotating decor, artwork went up, artwork came down!
Inspired constantly by the world around and images in magazines
collected over the years.
(House & Home, Style at Home and Veranda are my favourite reads)
Change - love it!
Moving - I wasn't so sure.

Larger space, bigger kitchen, higher ceilings, formal library,
separate coach house, a room for crafting, a walk in closet dedicated to shoes and accessories,
all on my dream list.
Storage - how could I forget storage!
A home where my endless collection of dishes, glassware, holiday items
all would have a place to call their own too.  (under the sofa or apothecary jars hidden behind drapes doesn't count!)

Finding the perfect home,
could there be such a thing? (When that little word called budget comes into play)

One afternoon I did find a house.
During a whirlwind of events, after 48 hours the house was to become our home.
It was not perfect, but it was ours.
I could make it whatever I wanted it to be.

Renovation plans started sooner than the ink on the sales agreement could dry
and the searching and shopping - the part I love to do began.
Certain people in my life would share it still hasn't ended!
But really does it ever end?
I just have to spy a piece of art at one of my favourite stores Homesense
or a pretty cushion at Pottery Barn and I want to start a room all over again:)

As spring approaches and the plans to spring clean, declutter (I'm still working on that)
and renovate begin I will start to share my journey.
I must add we were lucky to have met and worked with a contractor that far exceeded our expectations,
delivered the result in under 12 weeks
and had integrity in a business that leaves too many disappointed.
I would recommend him for projects small or large - contact info provided upon request.

Beyond borders - what's that you may be thinking by now.
Enjoy the before and after,
lots more to come

"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"
dr. seuss



Sources: Bed - Crate & Barrel
Night stands, bench, bedding, lamps, manequin - Homesense
Accent cushions with exception of flower Pottery Barn
Flower cushion Next Uk
Cashmere scarf and picture frames Restoration hardware