Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Got Candy?

You've all seen a sneak peak of my decor and I'm sure many of are you are wondering
What does shopping, decorating and styling have to do with candy?

One of my little girls has a - how shall I put this - attraction, maybe addiction to candy!
Conversation in our home is constantly about what foods are healthy, brushing teeth, even a Dr's visit -
Who to my horror told me with her in the room, "let her choose a day "candy day" and on the day she can eat all the candy she wants!"
As a mother - how do you argue with the Dr's orders, remembering "a apple a day keeps the Dr away!"
I will share his explanation, there will be a limit to how much she can consume in one day. (I don't think he knows my little girl!)
We have been trying this approach and I often try to distract her from remembering the day, or preoccupying the hours with other activities which delay the purchase of this candy.
But there was one event where a mommy's heart gave in - Her 7th birthday.
To my luck this past year her party fell on "candy day".
Given the passions I have if there was going to be candy - it was going to be styled!

After a recent trip to the American Girl store in Chicago a American girl theme was planned with Sara her doll being the centre of attention.
They had matching outfits
The red carpet was out
The table was set
The menu decided
And there was candy
Simply styled of course!                                                                

American girl styled event

The menu was prepared

Candy anyone?

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  1. LOVE IT!! So exicted for you!! Looking forward to catching up soon! Sara